Beauty and Conformity in the Vegetable World

Three StoogePlants

Beauty can only be in the eye of the beholder and much passion has been expended defending beauty.  With the constant onslaught of media, we’re finding our concepts of beauty are becoming homogenized, conforming to a global standard.

Seems the European Market, in an attempt to shield us from the misshapen banned all fruits and vegetables that did not meet their standards for size and shape. How cruel to ban that lumpy heirloom tomato, that twin pitted plum.  Well, in this current economic crisis where all things humble are now back in vogue, the EU came to it senses and is now allowing the odd shaped vegetable to return to the market basket.

You would think that with all the problems we face, how on earth did these legislators agree that funny shaped vegetables should wind up being banned? I’m so relieved because I wouldn’t want to think my eggplants were contraband produce.

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