Back in the U.S., Back in the U.S.


We’re back!! The bags are sort of unpacked, we are sort of over the jet lag, and we are still a little over whelmed by being back.
There were lots of good byes, and a few tears when we left, but we will be back in Montone soon enough, and it’s time now to enjoy being back.   Everything is so big here…the streets, the cars, the noise, the people.  I rode my bike around the city yesterday, doing some errands, absorbing the sights and the energy, with everyone looked so busy and confident, striding around, talking on all sorts of phone devices. It seems as if everyone is on the phone, all the time. It’s miraculous, you can have a phone signal just about anywhere. No more finding a little niche or angle within a stone wall village, here you can stride and chat everywhere.  However, could you all lower the volume a bit? I really don’t want to know what’s in your top right hand bedroom drawer,  and I don’t care how many handful of beans you are putting into your sack.  Enough about cell phones!  I’m happy to be back!

We are heading out for the Thanksgiving weekend to be with family, and I can’t wait. I’m giving thanks that I have my family, good food and wine, a roof over my head, friends who love me, and I wish everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving a very happy holiday!

P.S. I’m not cooking anything! I’ll just assist, and wash dishes!


  1. Klary Koopmans on November 22, 2007 at 5:01 pm

    A very happy Thanksgiving to you and Jeff! I’m so happy for you that you don’t have to cook. Relax and enjoy yourself!

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