Albertson’s Update

For those of you following my Albertson’s saga, they have credited me back for both delivery charges. Unfortunately the reason they took action appears to be that I reported them to the Better Business Bureau and not that they wanted to apologize for their shocking betrayal of customer trust.  It isn’t so much about the $26.00 in delivery fees as much as it’s about recognizing that if your employees make a mistake, you suck up, honor the commitment you made to a customer and then rectify it for the future.
Albertson’s would now have to bend over backwards to regain my trust and I simply don’t see that happening. ‘nuff said on this subject!

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  1. Mosk on March 13, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    Albertson’s needs to get back to the basics. They are a service industry and the customer should come first. It’s a shame that they even made an argument to try and keep the extra delivery money.

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