5 minutes in Citta`

I have this fear that one morning I’ll wake up and I’ll forget to look around me and see the beauty and the uniqueness of where I live.   That I’ll get all caught up in the things that I need to do, the task in front of me and that I won’t remember to pause and look and smell.

The other day, rushing to get changed into my work clothes, I dropped my camera. One of those stomach dropping, uh-oh, drops. The camera seemed fine, but the next day, it wouldn’t work. To make a long story short, we found a great camera shop in Perugia, Foto-Checkup, where the proprietor made a slight adjustment to the mirror inside, and we were on our way.
So not having my camera for a few days, and then getting it back was an eye opener for me.
Literally.   I stood on the street corner in Citta di Castello and for a few minutes I just watched the world go by.   There was this macho construction worker bundling up a huge pile of massive beams, while balancing this slender umbrella on one shoulder, a short but heavyset man rode by on a short and heavyset bicycle, the crazy clocktower in the piazza was framed by gorgeous storm clouds (see if you can figure out how to tell time on this clock), and a woman rode by balancing her stuff and talking on the cell phone, just a snapshot in time. 

Your turn. Walk away from the computer and look around you.

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  1. henrys on September 21, 2007 at 12:38 pm

    I have really been enjoying your entire site and especially the blogs. I got your name from Margie, whose house, Casa Soro Chiara, we will be renting for 2 weeks starting on Sept. 29. I am looking forward to meeting you and I’m sure we’ll be coming to erbe luna while we’re in Montone.

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