Drink in Pireaus

Wine & Beer Of Course. But also good cocktails.

Pireaus is not a pretty town, it has a real handle on gritty, but at the same time it has some very chic and fab cocktail bars going on.

We opted for Lola’s Bar because who can resist a bar named Lola? Cocktails were well-made and generous. We ate some food, but it was to soak up alcohol and not for actual sustenance. Jeff had a classic old fashioned that was up there with some of the best we’ve had.

Address: 14, 2as Merarchias, Pireas 185 35, Greece

Old Fashioned in Pireaus

Across the street, and ‘catty corner’ to Lola’s, is an absolutely gorgeous cocktail bar. Don’t know the name. Lots of hanging plants & chi-chi vibe. If anyone goes…report back. Have a feeling its a late night sort of place.

Good news…the coffee in Pireaus is outstanding, so there’s that. It seems like there are a zillion coffee bars to choose from and we did do a little bar hop in the morning to test the coffee (and the crazy good flaky savory pastries).

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