Dining, NYC Style!

Great. I’ll have the line caught tuna. It is line caught, right?
How do you prepare that?
Sous vide, then finished with a lightly smoked foraged cedar ash char?
But, could you do that with just a half char? I really like just a touch of char on my tuna.
It can be so overpowering.

Dining in New York Can I have my salad on the side, but I’d like the tomatoes separate.
I still want the tomatoes, I just don’t want them touching the greens.
And what’s in the salad dressing?
OK. Oh pumpkin seed, pomegranate. Fabulous. Sounds so yum.
Could you do me a favor, and just coat the plate with the dressing; don’t put it on top. OK?


OH MY GOD! Truffle mashed potatoes?? Have to have ‘em. I love truffles…but they have to be super fresh, don’t you think, I mean otherwise what’s the whole point? I love French truffles, but they are so overpriced, I’m totally fine with Piedmontese.

I know, I’m being so picky, but I have a gluten intolerance so I need everything to be completely lactose free range.  The Scene

Look at this tweet. 2Tongues is here! It’s so rude to be tweeting during dinner…he’s having the trout….

This is like the best bread I’ve ever had. Try it with just a little smear of the butter and a sprinkle of the Black Sea salt…fabulous. I am SO into Black Sea salt. It has these anti-oxidant radicals, and ever since I started eating it I just have so much more energy.

This wine taste a little off? Mmmm…maybe not, maybe it’s just me. My taste buds are off after my last cleanse.

Oh. Oh. Can I taste that?? YUM. Like, that is just an amazing combination, but  when I do it at home, I like to finish it with a little fresh horseradish. It’s so cool, I can grow it in the bathroom, under the sink. My sink has a leak, so instead of wasting the water, I’m growing my own chanterelles and horseradish.

No, no dessert. I’m trying to be good because my yogi thinks processed sugar interferes with everything.

Thanks. I’ll just have some ice water. Three cubes.

Check please!

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  1. mitch weinstein on October 2, 2011 at 8:18 am

    How long have you been back?

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