Authentic Montone Mexican

What does ‘authentic’ mean? People exult in finding an authentic Indian restaurant, or Chinese or Mexican or Italian, but what does that mean?
Bufalo mozzarella, shipped to the US, is absolutely made in Italy, but by the time it gets to the’s old mozzarella. Wouldn’t it be more true to the Italian spirit to find a good local mozzarella maker and eat super fresh cheese? I think so.

Festa Messicana
The reason people travel is to experience new places, new flavors. If you eat a delicious  linguine made with clams from the Adriatic while you are in Italy, then go back home and make the dish with clams from the North Atlantic, is the dish no longer authentic? The recipe is authentic, but the ingredients aren’t from the Adriatic. More importantly, does it matter? Not if it’s delicious.

Flaming Sunset
Which means the Montone-Mexican dinner John and Libby made on Sunday night was completely authentic in spirit because it was delicious, casual, noisy, festive and did I mention delicious?

Jeff shook up some frosty cold Margurita’s on the roof, just as the sun went down.

Frosty Marguritas
Hand made tortillas, made from masa carried over from the States.

Hand Made Tortillas
A richly flavored pork and guajillo chile stew, accented with charred tomatoes and onions. YUM.

Guajillo Pork Stew
Saffron rice and black beans. Green and red chili peppers from our orto, stuffed with a mild Italian caciotta cheese and prosciutto…surely that’s Mexican in spirit?

Stuffed Peppers

Was our dinner authentic? If Mexicans enjoy a tasty, casual, raucous dinner…then our dinner was Mexican in every respect.


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  1. mitch weinstein on August 10, 2011 at 10:04 am

    But where is the Mariachi band?

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