The Art of Eating in Umbria - Coming & Going

November 2-10, 2021

Civitella Ranieri, Umbertide Italy

Coming to Umbria

Leonardo da Vinci Aeroporto, Fiumicino, Italy

We will meet all tour participants who want to be driven to Civitella at noon at the Rome airport.

Please advise your flight details on the reservation confirmation form so that we can track your incoming flight.

Driving time from the airport to Civitella is approximately 3 hours, however we will be stopping for lunch on the way back to the castle.


What to pack

November can be sunny & warm, foggy & chill, windy, rainy, spectacularly gorgeous...all in the same day.

Bring good walking shoes, warm layers of clothing as stone castles can be chilly, and a scarf. Because in Italy, everyone wears a scarf! Life is casual in rural Italy, so no need to bring your best ball gown or tuxedo.  But expect to be dressing for changeable weather.

What to bring

There is internet available so you can check out of online life, or keep participating, as you wish.

Bring adapters suitable for southern Europe.



Going Home

Leonardo da Vinci Aeroporto, Fiumicino, Italy

On our last day, there will be a van departing the castle and going directly to the airport. Please try to plan your departure for no earlier than 11:00 am.

If you would like to go to Rome, there is a direct train from the airport to the city center, Roma Termini station.

If you would like to stay, and never leave...join the crowd! We all feel that way.

What you can carry back

Wine, hard cheese, olive oil are all ok to bring back to the United States.  Soft, fresh cheeses are not. You also cannot bring any meat products or fresh fruit or vegetables.

If you are traveling to another country, please check the local restrictions.