Rastafar-Asian Fusion Confusion

Asian fusion confusion on a pork chop! Inspired by Vietnamese chef Duc Tran, who is the epitome of fusion. The guy has worked in Texas, Latin America, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and Japan and has two world class restaurants named after Mangos in Hoi An Viet Nam. That’s enough to confuse anyone.

Fusion Confusion Pork Chop
He’s going to be in Austin at the IACP conference and as I’m introducing his session, I thought I’d do a little research. He’s my kinda chef and this video is what inspired last night’s Asian Confusion pork chop dish.

In a small bowl of fresh lime juice I macerated: a dry chili pepper, sliced garlic, and sliced ginger. Then I added a few shots of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and a squirt of chili sauce.  I dry pan seared the pork chop and then finished the sauce with a good shot of brown rum and a swirl of butter and topped with pistachio nuts. Oh yeah!

It tasted like Asia meeting Jamaica. Lime juice loves rum, lime juice loves soy and ginger, so it’s not a stretch to pull it all together.  That’s why I love to travel; you never know what surprises are in store. And you know I worship at the altar of the Goddess Serendipity! She’s always been good to me.

Have a good week everyone!
Wishing Jeff and Raffaello  a “buon viaggio” as they go back to Montone to check up on our orto, and maybe take a little motorcycle giro.

I’m planning on tasting some earth shaking BBQ in Austin and hoping there will be some other tasty surprises!

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  1. Nella22 on May 31, 2011 at 10:48 pm

    Love how you joined and paired all the ingredients together! You’re totally right and with pork! Even better!

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