Whoope in the morning

Thursday, April 12
Honestly.  I had no idea Whoopi gets up this early. This morning, I’m in a car, at 5:00 am, going to LaGuardia airport. These are not things that I usually do. I’m on my way to Chciago for the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) Conference.
Whoopee has a morning radio show, on WKTU, and I can’t even imagine what time she gets up.
So, they are talking about a school that is proposing a ‘tax’ on junk food.  A school in the city, not identified, has vending machines with a coding system: red means BAD junk food, yellow means you can eat it now and again, green means that you can eat this all the time. The school is now proposing that they charge a .5 cent ‘tax’ on the red junk food.
Interesting idea. A sin tax for school children.
Whoopee’s take on this was that it was ‘chastising’ children. That was the word: chastising. Now, I don’t’ agree with all this government interference with what I put in my mouth. But, this is an interesting situation. It’s a school. They have vending machines that spew junk food.  That’s wrong, but it exists. It’s color coded, so at some level, there is an awareness of what is bad, bad, bad to eat. Will an additional .5 cents ‘chastise” a child? Will it punish a student? Will it make them think a moment about their choices?  Might be a nickel well spent…if we knew where those nickels were going.

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