L'Ultima Parola What do you do when life hands you lemons instead of limes and its cocktail time? The first thing I do is to consult with my cocktail guru Mitch.  We were chatting the other day and he suggested we try a Final Word.  It’s like a Last Word, only made with rye and it still has that wonderful herbaceous-ness that comes from the green Chartreuse.

So why is ‘L’ultima Parola not a true Final Word’? You guessed it! The answer is because we’re making it in Italy and we have to use lemons instead of limes.

Here’s the recipe:
Equal parts lemon juice, rye, green Chartreuse, and maraschino liquore (which is an entirely different animal from that red rancid cherry juice).
Shake. Rest. Shake again and Serve.
This is a strong drink, so make a little one and savor the moment.

And its perfect for the weather at the moment…hot and sunny.


  1. mitch on May 24, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    Maybe our communications got screwed over the long distance.

    It’s actually called a Final Ward (though I kind of like word), and the citrus of choice is indeed lemon!

    They are dangerously delicious, aren’t they?!

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