Truffles and Eggs

The egg and two truffles
There are certain combinations that are simply magic and truffles with eggs belong in that category.  In it’s own unique way, truffle flavor is delicate, almost ethereal.  It happens move in the nose and mouth than it does on the tongue, so you need to be careful not to upstage the truffle flavor. You want a platform to elevate the flavor, not a curtain to mask it.  Truffles love butter, it’s like a warm soothing bath, where the flavors relax and mingle like old friends.
We had our two precious bits of white truffle and opted for a simple scrambled egg preparation.  First a trip to the orto for some celery that we thinly sliced and gently softened in butter over low heat. Then some very fresh eggs were blended with frothed heavy cream, a light scramble in the pan, poured into a warmed bowl and then covered with all of the truffle goodness. Complimented by a very clean white sauvignon, it was the perfect combination, and instantly devoured.
Other years, I’ve hoarded my truffles, storing them in rice, but by far the best way to have truffles is to eat them as quickly as you can and to savor the memory.
It’s a fine time of year to be in Umbria. Truffles and eggs

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