Today’s New York Times has this article about banning trans fats. Good god. Look, I’m not in support of trans fats, I don’t even really understand what they are, other than bad, bad, bad for you. But, enough already with the government interferring with what I eat! Honestly, when was the last time you tought, "Boy, I bet those government agencies really know what’s good for me."  Been a while, huh??
No wonder Americans have so many hang ups and problems with what they eat, we are like a bunch of chickens waiting for the sky to fall.  Walking thru the grocery store aisles and all you see is "No Calories.  No Trans Fat. No Cholesterol. No Whatever it is that Will Kill Us Next." If fear sells, then I guess these companies are doing something right.

My friends, we have lost our culinary way. Try going to the grocery store and buying something that has not been handled or processed. Its hard. And not good.

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