The season of abundance

The pomodori season is upon us. Tomatoes of all shapes and sizes are showing up at the restaurant, some of them are from the orto in Corlo, some from Martina’s uncle Alvaro. Of course, there are long debates about who is growing better tasting tomatoes, but I’m not going to get involved in that discussion! However…. Alvaro has these itsy bitsy, smaller than a gum ball tomatoes that are so incredibly sweet and addictive, they are better than candy.   And the wacky zucchini plants are still producing! They are amazing, they haven’t stopped since June and I’ve about run out of different ways to prepare them.
The restaurant is starting to have a rhythm, and there is now some singing and occasional dancing going on the kitchen.
The festa is still in full swing and last night was Del Verziere’s spectacolo, or theatrical presentation. They held the spectacolo inside the recently restored San Fidele church, which is  on our street, and it was beautiful and mysterious. The whole interior of the church was draped in white gauze as the story of Fortebraccio was told in vivid detail. Do not fear, the art of melodrama is alive and well in Montone!

Last night, we finished up at the restaurant around 1:00 am, and the Del Verziere Taverna was still hopping, so we snuck into the back of the kitchen, where we were welcomed like long lost family. Which means that food and drink was instantly provided for us! All we had to do was look a little hungry and all our needs were met. I ate the very best piece of grilled pork that I’ve ever had in my life. Of course, I was also famished; but that Umbrian combination of grilled , salty meat works for me every time. It satisfies on a primal level. And of course, it just felt so good to come and hang out for a bit with our Del Verziere crowd; it was just what our weary bodies needed.

Tonight they announce the winner of the Palio or competition between the three Rione’s in town. Currently, we are dead last! That’s because we completely lost the archery competition, so John, if you are there, get out your bow and arrow and start practicing because we need you!! Don’t worry, the Rione will supply you with the necessary costume….Men in Tights…does it for me everytime! 

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