The Red Iguana

Red Iguana: Killer Mexican Food is as good as it gets!


Red Iguana What do you do if there is no powder to ski, the fridge is
looking bare and a friend could use a lift to the airport? Jump into Kevin’s
Beast of a Van and go on a field trip to Salt Lake!


1st stop, SLC Airport: Bye-Bye Jerry! It was fun
skiing and playing with you. See you next winter, if you don’t show up in Portland
or Italy before that.


2nd stop: State Liquor Store: Utah is better than
it used to be, but its still a weird wine selection and just like Italy, no rye
whiskey to be had.


3rd stop LUNCH!  Kevin picked the Red Iguana and it is a perfect Mexican

Funky to it’s red and orange core with simply delicious
Mexican food. Guacamole alla Red Iguana

Jeff picked a mole and our smart waiter Keith asked, “Did
you pick a mole you love, or did you just go by the description?”  

Jeff: “By the description.” 

Keith: “Wait, I’ll bring you a taste of our seven mole
sauces and you tell me which one you want.” 

Me:”Hello! This is the way it should be done!”   Seven mole sauces appear and are
tasted and each one has a very fresh, distinctive flavor. I am not a mole
expert so I couldn’t tell you which one was voted the favorite but it had that
sweet-spicy yinyang that I really enjoy.

I’m avocado deprived living in Italy, so I needed to have
some of that guacamole…and again it all tasted very fresh and clean.

After all these years of grumbling about the state of food
affairs in Utah, we’ve found one place that is a total gem.

 7 kinds of mole

4th stop: Wal-Mart.  Now, until yesterday I was a Wal-Mart virgin. I’ve seen the
photos of people at Wal-Mart website, I ‘ve heard stories about the greeters
and I have respect for them at least attempting to put in organic foods, but
the overall experience was sort of ….meh….  The produce was pretty disappointing and I knew we were
heading to Snider’s Meats so I ignored the meat section.  I was awed by the size of the frozen
food section and the Mexican ingredient section. The chili selection was
superb, but all in all, not my first choice for food.  And what is up the front door greeters carrying big, heavy
canes? They had no interest in greeting me, but it was a little intimidating
having these dudes with big canes hanging around the door. They pummel
shoplifters without even a trial?



5th sop: Snider’s. Just a little freezer fill-in
and a chance to say hello to Walt the butcher.


Now we are safely back in Snowbird, and there is actually
some snow falling…so I’m going out to play!!


  1. John Sconzo on February 11, 2010 at 5:25 pm

    I love the Red Iguana! Great restaurant!

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