Sometimes its not about food, its about wine. Not that they are ever exclusive, tasting wine always makes me think of what food would make it sing, and vice versa.
Our mission this afternoon was to drive to Morra for their 33rd annual chestnut festival. We went last year, and it was fantastic….we went this year, and there was nothing going on. There were signs up…but no festival.
I was hungry…I’m always hungry….and it was the dead part of the afternoon, so we thought we’d take a chance and drive into Citta di Castello and see if this wine bar that we had heard about was open. The wine bar is called Syrah, and if you find yourself in Castelllo, in need of a glass wine, this is the place to go. Prosciutto
It’s stylish, friendly, and has the most amazing wine selection that I have ever seen in Italy. The wine list is as thick a novel, and it’s chock full of interesting wines. There are three or four pages of just sparkling wines, 3 sparklers from Umbria, and I’ve never seen any of them before. I had a 2003 Cannanou from Agrigolas that was so sexy, but in a seductive, classy way, not a miniskirt and too high heels way. We drank our wine with some soft, yielding, prosciutto, and for awhile all was right with the world.

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