My apologies for the break in blogging. Sometimes life grabs you by the tail and shakes and shakes you with the tenacity of a pit bull. Hopefully, this month, I’ll have a more peaceful rhythm to life as we are skiing in Utah for all of this snowy February.
After a dry start to the season, the snow gods have visited Snowbird on a regular basis. As of this morning we’ve had 24 inches of new snow in the last 24 hours, the avalanche bombs are exploding every few minutes, the single access road is closed and we are not allowed out of the building due to severe avalanche conditions. All in all, it’s a perfect morning to catch my breath and wait for the mountain to open.

Getting food up here is a challenge, there is a grocery store (that
shall remain nameless) that will deliver up here but their selection is
god-awful.  The ‘organic’ section has carrots and cucumbers; and that’s
it. However you can buy organic carrots peeled or unpeeled.
So all
those esoteric conversations I’ve had in NY about eating organic and
local are shot to hell when you realize the limitations in the rest of
this country.

Over the years I’ve developed a few strategies for mountain
survival. A trip to the Italian Market in Philly and I have all the
meat that I want: rabbit, oxtail, lamb, pork, steak, gorgeous house
cured duck prosciutto, quail. A wonderful fish market in Port Townsend
will send me whatever they are pulling out of the ocean that day. I can
go to LocalHarvest.org and get fresh fruits.
This year I decided to
powder a few ingredients, so I’ve got dehydrated lemon peel, lime peel,
sweet tangerine and spicy chili powder, prosciutto flakes and an
olive/chili pepper/caper berry powder that is really a taste bud
waker-upper.  I think we should be able to get through the month
without starving.

And Mother Nature is continuing to make plenty of snow powder for us to play in. And it’s still snowing out there!

P.S. Oh, and thanks to my Cocktail Mentors: Mitch, Katie and Daniel, I brought out some goodies to experiment with on my neighbors!

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