PDT at the Astor Center

If you have the slightest interest in how to mix a cocktail….head over to the Astor Center tomorrow night. The guys from PDT will be there and they are some of the best in the business. They are innovative, they use some quirky ingredients, but they completely understand how to mix and balance flavors without groveling at the altar of the gimmick.  If I was anywhere near NYC, you know I would be there!

As students of the cocktail, and believe me,  we have pestered John with a barrage of questions,  here is Jeff’s latest and greatest cocktail. It’s gorgeous and delicious, and what more could you ask for?

The Montone
1 part Old Overholt rye
1/2 part Luxardo Maraschino
3 dashes of Angustura
1 twist of orange peel

Stirred. Stirred really well until its good and cold.

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