Orgasmic Baked Potato

Orgasmic Truffle Potato

I wouldn’t call it that if it weren’t true. Maybe calling it
the Orgasmic Truffle Baked Potato would explain the reaction. 

Although having some truffle butter on hand is essential for
the ultimate orgasmic potato, there are some titillating variations.

1-2 whole roasted potatoes, either an Idaho or good sized

Titillating Variations: Truffle butter, Caviar and sour
cream, basil and garlic, parmigiano and pancetta

Basic technique: Thoroughly wash a whole, unpeeled potato,
and then pierce it a few times. If you forget the piercing part, you risk
having the potato blow up in the oven because the interior steam cannot escape.
You will only ever make this mistake once. Crema di Pecorino al tartufo

Roast the potato at 350F until it’s soft, could be 45
minutes, could be a bit longer, depends on the size of your potato.


When it’s done, using oven mitts, remove the potato, cut in
half and scoop out the inside.

Place the empty shells back in the oven until they get crisp
and crunchy, about 10 minutes. In the meantime, using the scooped out hot potato insides,  blend in a decadent amount of
the titillating variation of your choice.

Once the shell is crispy, crunchy, place the sinful potato
back in the oven to get a little brownage on top and to be sure the potato puree is

That’s all.

What you do while eating the potato is strictly private.


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