One course wonder, including salad!

I have a fondness for combining warm meats on top of a cool salad. Something about the greens getting all wilty and soaking up the meat juices, or the richness of meat being cut by a salad. But either way you look at, you get a fork full of contrasting flavor goodness.
Sometimes, you don’t want a multi-course event, but a simple, satisfying one course. And I’m talking about not even having an extra salad plate!

Examples? Last night, while we sat and watched and provided commentary on Rome,  it was a pepper crusted steak, served with some parsley and garlic butter, over greens. With my other all time favorite salad addition: hot, crunchy potatoes. Next time you have some fried or roasted potatoes on your plate, and a salad hanging around nearby, give them a try together. Let me know what you think.  I’ve posted a  family favorite recipe for  the fried potatoes with thyme and garlic. The cool thing about the recipe is  that you get to use up  all those itsy bitsy little,  interior cloves of garlicPotatoes_2
that you hate to peel, but don’t want to throw away.  See, it was a good dinner to serve because I can’t follow all those characters and need HELP! Thanks Deborah!

Recently for lunch, it was warmed left over roast chicken served over greens with a pomegranate-soy dressing.  I think the pomegranate season is officially over, and I’m very sad. Chicken_salad

We are in a seasonal fruit black out period now…what’s the next fruit to come along?? Even the blood oranges are over.  I guess its grapes from Chile and bananas from the Chiquita empire for the time being. I hope I’m not prone to scurvy. Sigh.

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