Next Generation

Can I be a proud auntie for a moment? My newly married niece, who has been my kitchen apprentice ever since the days when she needed to stand on a chair to help, has officially come into her own in the kitchen. We visited with family over the weekend, and my niece Alisha just blew us all away with her beautiful dinner on Friday evening. Gorgeous salads, delicious ceviche, artichoke and spinach dip, the dishes went on and on, so tempting we barely noticed we were eating vegan. OK, the ceviche wasn’t vegan, but we were happy that their diet is ‘’loose’ enough to throw in some scallops!

As beautiful and as delicious as all those dishes were, theSushi_rolls
happiest part for me was the pride and satisfaction that Alisha took in preparing this food. She’s grown up in a family where food was important, but important because it brought everyone to the table where we could share our lives and our laughter.  And as good as the caper relish was, it tasted even better because of the love that went into making it. Thank you Rhona, Alisha and Erik for a wonderful time, spent doing what we do best: eating, drinking, laughing and loving each other.

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