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Food Lovers Conference in NY, culinary school grants, food media survey, thoughts about pig testicles and a new found love of Indian food. Who says January is dull??

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Bollyladies Ciao and Happy New Year! We rang in the New Year Bollywood style, with much laughter, lots of fabulous Indian food, a great appreciation for stick-on jewels and a newfound passion for henna tattooed feet. 

Does anyone speak Hindi? Does ‘rogan josh’, as in lamb rogan josh, translate as lamb with every spice imaginable? I used the very elegant Madhur Jaffrey’s   recipe and it was yummy-yummy. It also reminded me to start marinating in yogurt or whey again. Very tenderizing! SUPERHOT

Meanwhile it seems while I was out partying in Mumbai N.J. my inbox was filling up with all sorts of interesting tidbits.

NY Regional Food Conference: The International Association of Culinary Professionals and The Culinary Trust are hosting a food lover’s conference on Feb. 18-19.  The conference is divided into four tracks: Communicating in the Electronic and Digital Age, Foods of NY, School Food and Farm to Table.
Hot topics with top speakers. What more could you want?

Grants & Scholarships:
The Culinary Trust is now accepting grant applications from all level culinary students. Thinking about going to culinary school in London, Paris, Mexico City, Istanbul, or Italy? Culinary school in Istanbul?? How cool would that be?

Student Survey: Speaking of students, can you give a hand to Tina L. Peterson of Temple University? Here is her message: “I’m currently pre-testing an instrument I will use in my dissertation
research on food media. I invite all WOMEN 18 and over to complete my
questionnaire at
The questionnaire is absolutely anonymous; no identifying information
is needed.
Thank you for your help! – Tina”

And just because I love a good survey, this one is for everyone: Pork Testicle Consumption. These good people want to know what you think about eating testicles. Go on, you know you want to take the survey! 


  1. Liz Moskowitz on January 6, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Love the photo, Jude. Took tina’s survey very thought provoking, thanks for posting. And sorry, not going to touch Pork Testicle Consumption…no way, no how!

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