New Year’s Eve, Vamp Style

New Years Eve

For no reason at all, other than to have some silly fun, we had a Vampire New Year’s Eve. It was just a bloody little family dinner party, and as usual everyone got right into the spirit of things.
We had authentic bottles of True Blood, some Fangalicious wine, steaming glasses of blood (really just a beet consume, but very authentic looking when you pour it out of a beaker), a heaping pile of steak tartare and lots of other tasty morsels.

One of my favorite purchases for the season was 10 yards of cheap red tulle. It looked very elegant on the Christmas table, and deadly on the Vampire New Year table. I’m sure I’ll think of other uses for it before the year is out, and Valentines Day is just around the corner.

We are already busy planning our Pirate Easter. Should make for some interesting Easter eggs, don’t you think?  My New Year’s Resolution is to wear costumes more often.

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