Mother’s Weekend

Hope it was a Happy Mother’s Day for all of those who celebrated. Our weekend was one of those ‘best laid plans oft go astray’ weekends, and once again I pay homage to the goddess of serendipity!
Saturday we biked from downtown to the far reaches of uptown, stopping to eat BBQ at the Dinosaur BBQ in West Harlem. A street side musician, a funky old building, excellent ribs, noisy tables, and I almost thought I was in New Orleans.
Next we headed to the Guggenheim museum where our eyes opened and minds exploded. The exhibit by the artist Cai Guo Qiang is astounding. If you are in NYC, go see this exhibit; the man’s creative spirit is infectious. Between running with the wolves and playing with explosives, it was pure inspiration.
Saturday night dinner was a calm dinner at home with a chance to catch up with a friend, who is now as intrigued by cocktails and gin as we are. 
Sunday, the official Mother’s Day, became Paella Sunday, with my son and his beautiful girlfriend chopping, dicing and laughing. Is there a better time to be had than when the kitchen is so full of people that you can’t turn around? Not for me. Although being presented with a big platter of fresh oysters is pretty good too!

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