Montone Morning

It was a gorgeous morning this morning! We’ve had bits of rain, and overcast skies, but this morning was clear, and cool, and beautiful with the promise of summer sun in the afternoon.

We had coffee in the piazza this morning, which is always pleasant, even if the coffee is isn’t exactly up to snuff. You should just here the locals complain and give suggestions! But, they always comment on how hard the new owners are trying.  And as we were sitting on the porch of the Aries café, a lovely woman who has eaten at Erba Luna, came up to us and made a special point of telling us how much she had enjoyed her pork dish (sautéed medallions with lemon and orange peel). Now that’s a nice way to start the morning!

I headed up to the restaurant early this morning to start baking some focaccia and bread sticks, but the morning was so beautiful that I had to take some photos while I was walking.   The shot of the steps? That’s our 79 step commute.  I don’t know why Jeff counted them…but there are 79 of them on the way from Via Garibaldi to the restaurant! 

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