Menu for Hope

Dining is a luxury and not everyone is fortunate enough to induldge in this luxury.  Menu for Hope is a fantastic charity raffle, organized by Chez Pim.  Last year, over $17,000 was donated to UNICEF.  This year, the proceeds will be given to the UN World Food Program.  This year’s program started on Sunday, and its already over $14,000.  It’s a great way for the blogging community to give a little something to those in need.
Food bloggers from all over the world have donated amazing prizes: a Florence market tour with Judy Divina,  tea with Harold McGee,  a signed copy of the Ideas in Food book that features their stunning food photography.   
Here’s how it works, every $10 donation buys you one raffle ticket.
Wander through the incredible list of prizes.
Once you’ve selected your prizes, head to the donation instruction page.   Or go directly to the donationn page.   Be sure to enter your prize selections in the personal message box. Check back often as prizes are still being added. Have fun! 

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