Not a bit like the Sopranos. Mafioso, is a 1962 Italian film, that is currently playing at New York City’s Film Forum.  If you can find this film,  go see it. It’s got it all….humor, pathos, mystery, intrigue. But, go for the food. There is a scene where the family puts on a spread to welcome home their Nino.  Marinated eggplant, gloriously arranged and swimming in oil, a massive piece of grilled swordfish….and that’s just the appetizer course.  Primi shows up as a gigantic heap of linguine, black with squid ink, carried out by a young girl who is proudly staggering under the weight of all that slimy, black goodness. Throughout the movie everyone is eating gelato, or cannoli, or cassata.
It’s one of those films, that as soon as it’s over, you want to see it again to see what you missed.  Or, it makes you want to hop on a plane to Sicily. Either way,

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