Looking for a farmer’s market or CSA near you? Here’s a handy dandy website (LocalHarvest.org) that acts like Market Central for your entire local, organic, sustainable (did I miss anything?) meat, fruit and vegetable needs. It’s a thorough and well-organized listing of what is going on and where.
I have it from a reliable source that a recent shipment of passion fruit was incredible, thanks for the tip, Daniel. 
If I lived in the US full time, I would certainly sign up with a CSA. I think the fun of having a farmer’s bounty delivered to you each week would be wonderful, and the challenge of what to do with an abundance of turnips in the winter could lead to incredible inspiration.

Take a look at the meat and fish offerings that are available. Pricey for sure, but I’m also sure they are top quality.
There was a recent thread on eGullet that discussed the problems of bringing clean, quality, organic foods to the masses.  It’s one thing for those of us who are blessed with Benjamins in our wallets to make informed choices about our food sources, but what about the vast majority of people who can’t afford grass fed beef? Who is working on this problem? Is there an organization out there that would assist in re-educating the masses and making clean foods more affordable? (My use of the word clean is shorthand for local, organic and sustainable.) Is there an Alice Waters for the financially challenged? Now, here would be a great philanthropic project for some of the star chefs who have made us more aware of the excellent products that are to be found in our back yard.  Their star wattage could be used to illuminate the problem of getting healthy, clean foods into the hands of children.
Check out this article on carrots in schools, and tell me what you think.

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  1. mitch on January 24, 2008 at 10:09 am

    I do believe Alice has done a lot with her schoolyard programs in Oakland and Berkeley.

    And Jamie Oliver has done lots in GB as well!

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