Last Bites

Papaya Bite Packin’ my bags, doing last minute stuff, because its time
to back to Italia and the quiet streets of Montone.

I need to get a grip, our streets aren’t that quiet. They
are full of  the noise of neighbors,
bells, cats, high heels on cobblestone and the shouts of happy hooligan children
doing what kids do. But it’s a far more comforting sound then the sound of
horns tooting and sirens which is what I’m listening to right now.

Jeff has been back for over two weeks getting the orto
(vegetable garden) prepped and planted while I stayed behind to attend the IACP
Conference in Portland.

So I’m saying arriverderci to: lamb rogan josh, pho, bagels,
garlic nan, spicy tuna, roll, Dungeness crab, Swann Island oysters, steamed
shau lon pou, the raucous Essex St market, Jeffrey the butcher, and of course,

My last treat before I go is this slice of papaya that I
bought on Essex St. I love papaya and I haven’t seen any as ripe and gorgeous
as this in a long time. The first bite was like being in an instant travel
machine: I was back in the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong, sitting at our lobby
breakfast table with its crisp white tablecloth, too crisp napkin, with a
tuxedoed waiter bringing me my morning slice of papaya.  Aroma and flavor are so powerful,
aren’t they? 


The taste of papaya awakened my wander lust, so it must be
time go. To all my stateside friends and family, I love you! And I’ll see you
sooner that later! And Mom, have a grand time on your birthday cruise!




  1. John Sconzo on May 2, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    Buon viaggio! On your recommendation, I sent a friend to Stella in Philly this weekend. I’m looking forward to hearing his impressions. Ciao for now!

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