Internet Platform5


That’s the multi sensory internet platform, the one where you could smell the lime blossoms that are blooming, and you can hear Ovidio, our town general contractor, serenading the street while he works.
Lime blossom season is upon us; they are large trees that produce an incredibly fragrant white blossom. This morning, just as the sun was coming up, the air was completely perfumed by the lime blossoms. It must have been the morning mist burning off, or I don’t know, just a gift from the gods, but it was lovely.  I have in from a reliable source, our wacky friend Emilio, that if you take a bath filled with lime blossoms, it is a most wonderful experience. Now, that sounds good to me, but these trees are BIG….I’d need a cherry picker to get enough blossoms. How does that Emilio do it?

And Ovidio, well, he’s a whiz at fixing and cleaning up medieval stone walls. He’s currently working across the street from us, on Toinina’s entryway, which is a stone hallway with exceptional acoustics. Ovidio just lets song rip from his lungs, no one ever describes him as shy, and his singing almost (I said almost) makes up for his banging and machine noises that start at 7:00 am. I was downstairs, facing the morning, making coffee at home, when I heard a woman’s voice join his for a few moments. Another lovely moment.

And Mitch, no Rancillo for me! I’m a die hard Moka and chuga-chuga girl, you know that. Risotto_in_chiostro

Back to food: I’d forgotten how good seppie risotto is. Seppie is cuttlefish and it has that black ink sac that is really, really messy to work with. But, it makes for an excellent risotto. I’ve had this idea to pair the seppie risotto with chili spiced zucchini flower petals. I liked the idea of the color combo and adding just a hint of heat, and I’m happy to report that it an excellent marriage, if not particularly photogenic.

Happy Friday!

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