In the kitchen

Sorry for the lag in blogging, I've been in the kitchen and not near a computer. Hoping a few pictures are worth a thousand words, this is what we've been up to:

Salad from the orto 

Our orto is producing massive amounts of lettuce and I believe we have the first tinge of red on one of our tomatoes!

Peach Season 

Peaches are back! The Sicilian boys at the market have had wonderful small peaches which taste divine with vanilla yogurt.

Rehearsal in the street 

I may be locked in my kitchen, but the sound of these young people rehearsing in the middle of the block was amazing! What a place to play.

Cheese Foccacia 

While the band played, I made a cheese foccacia with my new, all Montone mother. (That's naturally grown yeast, I have not been adopted by anyone.)

Why I don't miss working in an office 

And this is the view from the kitchen  near the town of Preggio, where we've been cooking this week. Not bad at all!

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