HR 875: Food Safety Modernization Bill

Imported Cheeses
If you are concerned that HR 875  could obliterate small farmers, here's your chance to sign a petition that wants to stop the bill in its current form:

I took the time to actually read through the bill and I'm worried.
 Its clearly meant to regulate large industrial food processors but it doesn't make any distinction based on the size of the operation. The record keeping requirements would be virtually impossible for small operations; free range chickens wouldn't be so free anymore.  It also puts a huge burden on foreign food producers so you can kiss imported cheeses goodbye. Even the name of the bill is clumsy, Food Safety Modernization; its sounds like something  from the 1930's.

The first goal of the bill is restore consumer confidence in processed foods. Now, I can see why Kraft and Monsanto would be all over that goal. But regulation isn't going to restore my faith in the benefits of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Another primary goal is to reduce imported foods. Protectionism rears its head so that Baco'bits aren't outsourced?  We should start making powdered infant milk and dog food on our own shores! Can you explain to me what 'reducing imported foods' has to do with actual food safety? The mission should be safety not a politically motivated agenda.

Take a minute, read through the bill and sign the petition. This isn't a bill that will protect us from food that is unsafe, its an industrial food supplier's wet dream.

Now, if only there was bill that encouraged common sense.

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