Saturday morning I made a trip to Union Square’s Greenmarket. All sorts
of things are in season: ramps, purslane, wild asparagus.  I even
bought some tomatoes from this forlorn looking boy. He was out working
with his family, and trying keep his game face on, but you could see it
was taking its toll.  It was hot, hot by 9:30 am, so I was feeling
sorry for him.
The freshness of the produce made one woman dizzy
with joy. She was literally twirling in ecstasy over some strawberries.
They were good, but didn’t send me twirling!  Another man, a very large
man, kept yelling, "Where are the cookies? Where are the cookies?"  He
literally ran up to the asparagus man, pushed us aside and yelled into
the poor man’s face. I’ve heard of having the munchies, but this was
pretty extreme.
Ghandi was looking particularly spiffy all surrounded by lush greens and flowers.
on Saturday included some very sweet steamers. Probably the only ones
I’ll eat this summer, so I’m glad they were so good.  The Greenmarket
on the first weekend in June, is a fine place to be!

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