Get Lucky for Valentines Day: Eat Brussel Sprouts

Unleash your secret weapon: the brussel sprout and get lucky this Valentine’s day.

The Brussel Sprout If New Year’s tradition includes eating lentils because it
looks like money and will bring you riches, then I propose eating brussel
sprouts for Valentines Day.  Misunderstood, reviled, shunned, it is high time this
wonderful vegetable is properly venerated for its aphrodisiac properties.   Warm, round, soft, yielding, pliable, nutty, sometimes crispy
and if left to cook too long: smelly. 
All the attributes of a fine aphrodisiac, if you ask me.


So, take a walk on the wild side and serve your Valentine
brussel sprouts.


No matter how you make them, prep the sprouts the same way:
peel off the outer leaves, or any discolored leaves, wash. Options: cut in half
or score the bottom of the little fells. Both options allow for better
penetration of flavor.


Super easy roasted brussel sprouts:

Toss clean, prepped brussel sprouts in olive oil and a bit
of salt. Roast at 350F until soft and a bit brown around the edges, about 30


*Balsamic: I like to
finish the dish with a little spritz of balsamic vinegar right before serving.

*Pine Nuts: You could also toss in
some toasted pine nuts for a little added crunch.

*Grated cheese: Parmigiana or even a
cheddar grated over the sprouts and then a moment or two under the broiler.


Stove Top Sprouts: boil or steam the clean and prepped sprouts for
about 10 minutes. You want them soft, not disintegrating. If you cook them too
long they will smell like sulphur and nobody walks into the kitchen saying,
“MMMM….what’s cooking? Oh boy, hope its rotten eggs.”


         *Mustardy: toss with olive oil, salt and a good dollop of mustard.

          *Like my Nana
made them
: fry a little bacon, soften some chopped onions and add to the

version: soften the onion in olive oil and toss with the sprouts.

          * Full
: bacon, onion and mustard.


So spread the word: Eat brussel sprouts, get lucky!






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