Festa Filled Sunday

Umbrian’s love summer. Yeah, I know, everyone loves summer, but Umbrian winters are long, bleak, grey, damp and cold; so when summer explodes everyone wants to be outside and to be social.
Our first party on Sunday afternoon was a reception in Umbertide’s piazza, given by our Italian teacher. To illustrate just how cold it can be here in the winter, we met two Scotsmen who entertained us with stories about how this winter, they had burned their furniture to keep warm. They’d just bought the place, hated the furniture, so it seemed like a good way to get rid of it, and keep warm.  Thrifty Scotsmen.

Then we went to a fantastic, American style BBQ at our friend’s magnificent palazzo. It was a bittersweet party as they’ve sold this incredible place, and this was a farewell party. But, the good news is that they’ve bought a new house nearby, so it’s ok to say good-bye to a house, as long as the friends stick around.

It may not have been the 4th of July, but this was a classic 4th of July celebration: BBQ chicken, hamburgers, potato salad, cole slaw.  It was great to hear our very glamorous friend Virginia, standing in the buffet line, spying the ketchup, and exclaiming, “Oh, I want a ham- burrrgher!”
There was music and dancing and crazy fireworks and lots of wonderful people.  The party looked like a fantasy film set, it was a feast for the eyes, no matter which direction you looked. What a wonderful way to say good-by to beautiful Villa Ercolana.

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