Donazione Update: Il Bando

Last night was the “Bando”.  Three short plays are performed, one for each rione, and
it’s tradition to make fun of the other riones. These are bawdy, comedic skits
where last night we saw our friend Giusipina beat up another lady with a rubber
chicken, the Del Verziere tavern was accused of adding peepee to their secret
sauce, a raucous romp in bed (between married people, of course, this is a
family event), horse thievery, a young devil becomes an angel after drinking
some vin santo, a man in brown face imitates a Sultan and gets caught, and then
there was the show stealing devil incarnate who scared small children and
startled old friends. 

Devil Incarnate

While the actors did their best to convince the judges that
their play was superior in all aspects, the various tavernas kept everyone well
fed. Last night we served up a delicious vat of cinghiale and black olive stew,
mountains of crostini, piles of pasta and a massive quantity of grilled pork.
And late in the evening, someone delivered a whole tray of home made doughnuts.
It doesn’t get better than fresh home made doughnuts!

Do you think it needs more salt? Mountains of Crostini

Tonight’s event is the finale of the archery contest.  I think the losers of last night’s
Bando have to line up with apples on their heads, or maybe it was chestnuts….

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