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Cue: Sister Sledge singing, “We are Family”.

Sometimes you need a soundtrack in your head to set the

Normally I don’t blog about people that I cook for, but I
was honored and privileged to be a part of a fantastic wedding celebration. Two
families that came together to have fun and share the love; it was something
that none of us will forget. Seriously who can forget a cooking class of barely
contained chaos, with an aubergine frying marathon, or a naked guy making
breadsticks, or the cries for yet more garlic? And our poor token, good-natured
vegetarian took a lot of ribbing but still kept laughing. The wedding day was absolutely
storybook beautiful and we were happy to be a part of the festivities.

Cooking is a funny business


Cooking for people takes a lot of heart and sometimes, I’ll
be honest, it takes a lot out of me. This time, I got it back in spades.  Making and sharing food with people is
absolutely primal, and to be able to do this with my own family and very close
friends, made it all the more special.

Tante Auguri Sarah & Chris!!


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