Chewing Gum is Next

What has happened to Wicked Gotham? Where has seedy Times Square gone? We don’t even have a Low Rent district anymore.
Our benevolent mayor has taken our personal health as his personal crusade. The trans fat ban is ridiculous. Plain and simple. Replacing butter with an engineered margarine, oh that sounds like a good idea. To give you some idea of the machinations going on in the public chef world, check out this NY Times article  or, if you like your news a bit more snarky, try this: NY Magazine article.

But, I digress. Today’s ban has to do with drinking on St. Patrick’s Day. Now here is a time honored tradition, not a pretty one, but tradition nonetheless. Seems there will be NO DRINKING  on the Long Island Railroad or the MTA on St. Patricks Day. You know how those out of control, binging, wanna be Irish commuters can be!
I just know public chewing of gum is next on the list. Our Mayor-Mommy knows what’s best for us, don’t you Mayor Dearest?

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