Celebrity Chefs beget Celebrity Butchers?

Knives Say it isn’t so.
It’s bad enough that celebrity chefs have become entertainers instead of cooks, now we have a new macho breed of butchers?

Look, I’ve been the butcher’s friend and advocate for years. I believe in a good butcher, I revere a good butcher, but please, don’t make him a rock star.

HOWEVER, if you are must go the rock star route then you have to feature Jeffrey. It’s like forgetting to mention Elvis when you talk about rock n roll history and pretending that Eric Clapton got his education in a vacuum.  If there is to be a macho, philanthropic, sort of crazy butcher rock-star icon, it’s Jeffrey. Only please don’t any suggest to him that he show up at the Essex St. Market in full glam rock, because he just might do it.

For shame, Ms. Severson.

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