Butter Poached Lobster

New Year’s Eve 2006
Welcome 2007

First there was yoga in the afternoon. We exhaled out 2006. Worked for me. Then lobster for New Year’s sounded like a good idea. Why not go the Full Indulgence?? The Big Butter Blowout. Lobster + Sin
OK, who am I to resist the call of Butter Poached Lobster?

I did the whole nine yards, humanely executed the lobster (chill almost to frozen, whack down the middle very quickly, poach, remove the meat)

Here it is, in all of its elaborate glory.

And then we sat with the wine, and decided this was just too…tooo…much. I think the whole concept of poaching the meat is valid, its a beautiful technique for getting the lobster to absorb flavor, but I’d like to try in a light broth, something easy that works as a companion to the lobster.
Know what I mean?  Should be lots of fun experimenting. 
Happy New Year to everyone! Wishing everyone love, laughter and hope to see you in the kitchen!

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