Baked Sweet Potato Puree

Baked Sweet Potato Puree
This recipe is for my young friend Katherine who has just discovered that sweet potatoes can taste good! 

For 2 people
1-2 sweet potatoes, they come in different sizes so you figure out how much you want to make
2-3 T butter
¼ cup heavy cream
1 egg
¼ T roasted, ground cumin
salt, pepper

Individually wrap the sweet potatoes in foil and bake at 375F until tender. This takes about an hour, you want the potato to be soft and yielding when you give it a poke, but not total mush.

When the potatoes are done, unwrap and when they are cool enough to handle, slip the skins off.

Place in a mixing bowl along with the salt and pepper and cumin. Now start whipping those potatoes, you want as much air incorporated as possible to keep the potatoes fluffy. Be careful because this is when you get carried away and lift the beaters out of the bowl while its still running and you get potatoes everywhere!  When the mixture has cooled down a bit, so that you can comfortably stick your finger into it without getting burned, add the cream and continue whipping, then add the egg.  It will go from a sort of lumpy dark orange, to a smoother, more pumpkin color.

Place in an ovenproof dish and bake at 375F until hot. Meanwhile, make some brown butter. Place 2-3T butter in a pan, and over medium heat, let the butter melt, bubble and turn brown (not scorched black, just brown, take it off the stove when you hit brown and it smells really good).

When the potatoes are done, and you are ready to serve, pour the hot brown butter over the top of the potatoes and serve.  You could make this slightly less decadent by using milk instead of heavy cream, but life is short and cream tastes better.

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