2009 Donazione della Santa Spina

Donazione della Santa Spina

The banners are up. Drums are beating. Early Sunday morning,
the sound of bands of archers roaming town, their arrows clattering in their
quivers, drifted in behind our closed shutters.


It’s festa week in Montone. The 2009 Donazione della Santa
Spina has officially begun.

All roads lead to the piazza

Streams of tourists flow down the streets, snapping photos
of our lovely village. Behind the scenes there is a beehive of activity with
rehearsals as each of our 3 riones prepares for their performance. Town is
divided into three sections or riones: Del Verziere, Del Borgo and Del Monte
and we compete amongst ourselves in a fierce battle of theatrical performances.
Yes, archery counts, but it’s the spectacolos that bring in the big points.

So, our flags are flying and our spirits and hopes are high
that this year Del Verziere will be victorious!

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