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It was our first visit to Vasto, and I’m hoping it won’t be our last.

Vasto is a charming and very ancient (founded in 1300 BC), small city precariously perched above the sea.

Unfortunately the ground has a way of sliding into the sea in this area and in 1956 a significant chunk of the ‘centro storico’ of Vasto slid down the cliff into the sea.   There is now a lovely promenade, lined with shops and restaurants that safely takes you along the cliff edge of the city. Be sure to plan on spending time just poking around town, and aperitivo hour in the main piazza is quite pleasant on a summer evening.

Marina di Vasto is more of your typical Italian beach scene and if that’s your thing, you’ll be happy.

But  we were happily rewarded by finding small, nearly hidden, ridiculously scenic rocky beaches. Follow the main road along the sea. Look for cars parked in clumps and search for the trail.

As long as you ignore the ‘unsafe swimming’ signs and just forge ahead, you’ll be pleasantly rewarded. Also understand there are no lifeguards or amenities so carry in your own water and lunch and swim safe.

The water was shallow a good way out, but as a storm was coming in, and the water was becoming too agitated, we knew we couldn’t paddle board. We did get to swim around a ‘trabucco’ or ‘fishing machine’ that is typical of that area. These land based massive fishing net contraptions are typical of the area. Some are still in use, others have become restaurants and it looks like some have just been abandoned.

Bring your rock shoes because these are not sandy beaches!

Vasto is laid back, not super touristy and a delight to explore in the summer.

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