Do Stuff in Pireaus

It’s a funny place. Its a just-passing-through type place but it is worth exploring.

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The life blood of the city is the port. Everything revolves around the large ferries going out to the islands. Basically, the tourists are either waiting to get on a ferry or cruise or they’ve just come off a ferry. So, it’s a waiting-in-limbo, don’t bother unpacking your bag, sort of town. But take the time and it is a city worth visiting.

The town is absolutely ugly. It reminded us of Taipei in the late 1970’s. The black mold covering squat concrete buildings, the overflowing trash bins inviting rats to scamper on in, and air conditioning units that look like they are from the dawn of man dripping nasty stuff on my head.

But, and this is a big but. There is something going on at ground level.The locals are on to something. Chic bars, restaurants, a pedestrian shopping are with great boutiques all point to a local life that is quite alright once the tourist season is over.


Visit the churches. There are lots of them. You’re in Greece, get used to the overwhelming abundance of churches and they are all special in a unique, leave no inch undecorated, sort of way.

The language is incomprehensible. Its Greek. There are no anchors for you to decipher the language. And, to make matters more enjoyable, words spelled in the Latin alphabet are spelled all different ways. Count the different ways you see Pireaus spelled as you make your way into town.

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