You say Vermouth, I say Vermut


Did your parents have a bottle of vermouth? Somewhere in the back of the liquor cabinet, the label was yellowed and the bottle was dusty? Maybe they even left it to you in their will. Dust off the bottle and throw it in the recycle. Now, get thee to the store and buy a fresh bottle of red vermouth.

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The Mysterious Marvelous Mythical Martinez Cocktail

Mysterious because there are more variations on this classic cocktail than I’ve seen for any other cocktail. It’s odd that this cocktail has no ‘definitive’ version, although it is alleged to be the precursor to the Martini.
Marvelous because it is very delicious in an aromatic way.
Mythical because every cocktail historian has another spin on how it came to be.
Martinez? I have yet to find a reference as to why it called a Martinez. Something about a guy in a bar named Martinez….?

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