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Making Soup

I could eat soup every day. And in these days of economic austerity, soup is a good choice. It’s certainly flexible: cheap, peasant, elegant, rustic, you name it and there will be a soup recipe that fits the description. Recently I’ve been on a tomato soup kick. Hell, Campbell’s made an entire empire out of…

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Creamy Tomato and Guanciale Soup

Tomato & Guanciale Soup(Guanciale is cured pig jowl, and I always try to have some on hand, but just in case you don’t you can use bacon and no one will be the wiser.) 1 can of strained tomatoes2 stalks of celery, 1 carrot, 1 onion, 1 clove of garlic2 slices of bacon or a…

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Return of the Bonne Femme

Bonne Femme literally means good woman, but in culinary terms it's come to mean something home cooked, usually a stew or casserole, and it implies frugality on the part of the cook. Given the global economic news, it looks like the Bonne Femme era is making a comeback. The Frugal Girls blog is all about…

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