Can cooking save us?

Getting back to Jamie Oliver and TED and kids eating vegetables. You watched the video, right? And you freaked out when the kid couldn’t identify an eggplant and thought it might be a pear, right? If you are here, reading this, I’m very, very happy, but we’re all in the same choir singing to each other. Ideas anyone?

I for one am willing to donate my time and skills to getting people to cook. You have a venue, and I’m around I’ll come and teach for free.
If anyone else feels the same, let’s organize a web presence and do what we can to get people back into the kitchen. This is a call to arms, bang your pots and pans and make some noise.

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Cultural Divide in the Supermarket?

The latest kitchen fad seems to be not shopping for food. It’s a variation on closet shopping; where instead of buying a new outfit you go rummaging through your closet to find something that you’ve forgotten you even had.  Everywhere I look there’s a blog post, forum discussion, or newspaper article about the wonders of…

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