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Season’s Change

Sunday night a crisp wind blew into the kitchen. Yesterday I saw a definitive signal of approaching autumn when I spotted the first tobacco truck laden with it’s burden of golden green leaves. The market is full of bargains as everyone tries to unload their surplus. The man selling chili peppers was hoping I would be seduced by his come-hither hands on his hips pose.

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Food, elephants and the carpenter theory

Seven blind men go to ‘see’ an elephant, they touch one part of the beast and come back and describe it as if that one part is the whole animal. The carpenter theory: because he has a hammer in his tool belt, the hammer is the go-to tool to fix all things.   Since I’m…

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I’m dreaming of a white…..lasagne…..

  ‘Tis the season for funghi and salsiccia (mushrooms and sausage), they just taste right this time of year as the fog sticks around longer, the night comes quicker, the smell of wood smoke fills the air, and I wonder where on earth did I put my gloves. We’ve already been wearing thick neck scarves…

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