Scallops and Parsley Pasta

Not just any scallop, but a cappasanta, it’s a giant scallop with its erotic roe still attached. They/ve been in the fish market for the past few weeks and I just love them. My standard way to cook them is a tiny bit of butter, a splash of Cognac and a few sizzling minutes under the broiler.

But, they’re too expensive to have enough to make a meal out of them so I figured a little pasta would fill in the gap.

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Pasta in Primavera with Asparagus

Pasta Primavera means “pasta in the springtime”. Its more about what you have on hand, than it is about being tied to a recipe. If you are just getting home from work, put the tomatoes in the oven, then go change your clothes, walk the dog etc. When you come back into the kitchen it will already smell good and you’ll be in the mood to make dinner.

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Black Celery from Trevi

  No, black celery is not the stuff you find in the back of the fridge.  It’s a much revered type of celery that can only be grown in Umbria in the area around the picturesque town of Trevi. The town seems to be literally spilling down a mountainside, almost in defiance of gravity. This…

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