The Sensual Seduction of Fall

Mother Nature is giving us one last sensory overload before the dark and quiet of winter. Colors are vibrant but tinged with decay. The air carries the scent of earth and smoke; the smell of sunlight and freshness is relegated to the back of the closet along with t-shirts and sandals.

Our Umbrian fall smells of abundance.

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Olio Novello Time is Here! ‘Tis the season for fresh olive oil!

t’s olive picking time in Umbria. Olive picking, followed by pressing is fragrantly joyous; there is something comforting about knowing you will have oil. It means there will be food on the table and it will be good.

This past weekend, a small group of us were invited by Mario Ciampetti of Terre Rosse to participate in an olive oil weekend in Spello, Umbria.

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Ski Food Survival Stash

Mountain Food I don’t know what you pack when you go skiing, but socks, gloves and hats only come along after we’ve packed the confit and there is still room in the luggage. Let’s just say, If the plane goes down in the mountains, we won’t have to worry about eating our fellow passengers.

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Tasting and Talking Italian

Chewy, tasty foccacia. Tomatoes ripened on the vine, direct from the volcanic slopes of Mt. Vesuvius. A crazy good pickled broccoli that only grows in a small area outside of Naples. Great big green olives. Last night, they were all there for the tasting. The good people at Gustiamo are offering Tuesday evening tastings of their imported products at Il Cantuccio bakery at 91 Christopher St in the West Village, NYC.

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